The Iowa Museum Association Board of Directors (IMA) is committed to equity and inclusion and believes honoring black experiences and perspectives is essential.  IMA recognizes those working towards positive change in Iowa and the broader museum field, including The African American Museum of Iowa, The Association of African American Museums (AAAM), Museum Hue, and Museums and Race.  These and other resources are now posted on our website in an effort to support and encourage museums in Iowa to take on courageous conversations with their communities. 

The IMA Board of Directors is committed to cultivating our own understanding through reflection and training focused on addressing racial issues and creating space for more diversity within our own group.

 Beginning today we will:

·       Amplify the work of the organizations listed above and other groups working on racial equity by curating a resource list on the IMA website.

·       Engage in authentic conversations with Iowa museums to better understand how we can provide support to further racial equity in communities.

·       Reflect on biases and address racial issues in an effort to create a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive organization.

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Syracuse University Graduate Program in Museum Studies "Deaccessioning after 2020" keynote "Collections as an Agent for Change" Stephanie Johnson Cunningham, co-founder, Museum Hue.

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A Framework for Action in Response to Moments of Outrage & Crisis