Collections Management Resources

Office Planning Group - Office Planning Group's Museum Storage Solutions has quality museum grade products from quality manufacturers.  Art racks, art bin shelving, carts, cabinets, Entomology storage, Herbarium storage, clothing, textile, and custom storage solutions; professional analysis of museum storage needs; quality storage solutions.   Contact Rick Schumacker at

The Dickinson Vaults – Part of the Merchants Distribution Service (MDS) family of Companies, owned and managed by 3 generations of the Dickinson family.  Museum Quality Environmental Storage; long term, archival security or short term temporary solutions.  Contact

Midwest Storage Solutions - Maximize valuable floor-space, increase productivity, save money through custom design and thoughtful implementation of Spacesaver High-Density Storage Solutions.  Contact Kyle at

Hangerbee - affordable padded hangers for long term garment storage.  Contact

Gaylord Archival - collections, archival storage, exhibition furniture, conservation tools and supplies.  

Past Perfect Museum Software -  Collection and contact management software.


The New Museum Registration Methods, Buck & Gilmore, eds.