Standing Professional Committees

Iowa Museum Association board members serve on Standing Professional Committees charged with planning and implementing the annual workshop series.

Leadership & Governance Committee
Focuses on activities pertaining to boards of directors and executive directors:  board development, strategic planning, and sustainability for museums of all sizes. Include topics such as community engagement, non-profit management, and financial record keeping.

Karen Smith, Cedar Falls Historical Society
Eric Anderson, Blanden Art Museum

Membership & Development Committee
Educates on the importance of development activities and strong membership base for long term museum support.

Casie Vance, Ames Historical Society

Education Committee
The IMA Education Committee is developing a framework for an IMA Certificate program, including curriculum and handouts for a series of 101 level workshops.  The goal of the certificate program is to assist mid career individuals with professional development pertinent to their needs and  a certificate of completion of their chosen course of study.

Kathrine Moermond, Old Capitol Museum
Heidi Lung, University of Iowa Museum Studies

Exhibits Committee

The Exhibits Committee strives to offer a variety of workshops on topics such as museum exhibitions, best practices and procedures, interpretation, audience, and partnerships through traveling exhibits.

Kate Feil, Story City Historical Society

Collections Committee

This committee offers workshops on topics surrounding collections, research, registration, and conservation.

Elizabeth Andrews, Waterloo Center for the Arts

Public Relations & Marketing Committee

The IMA Public Relations & Marketing Committee develops projects to raise traveler's awareness of Iowa's museums and invite visitation.  The Committee may offer workshops on topics include hospitality training, visitor services, signage, retail marketing/museum stores, branding, and associated issues.

Nicky Christensen, Museum of Danish America
Lori DeMoss, National Sprint Car Hall of Fame & Museum

Field Services & Mentoring Committee
The IMA Field Services & Mentoring Committee serves as the welcoming arm of the Iowa Museum Association for small museums, emerging professionals, volunteer leaders and others desiring assistance or advice in their museum work.  This committee will assist and mentor via phone conversations, e-mail, and/or site visits, encouraging membership in the Iowa Museum Association and building collegiality and connectivity statewide.   When called upon, committee members will determine the best way to serve the identified need, whether by providing advice, access to additional expertise, or assessing the situation and recommending a course of action.  In the event a site visit is necessary, the requesting museum will be asked to reimburse the mentor/advisor for their mileage.

Jared McDonald, Madison County Historical Complex
Angela Stanford, Museum of Danish America
Jennifer Kovarik, Vesterheim-Norwegian American Museum
Brenda DeVore, Prairie Trails Museum of Wayne County