"Museums Matter" 2021 IMA Conference

Join us October 3-4-5, 2021 for MUSEUMS MATTER, the Iowa Museum Association's 2021 Virtual Conference.  Log in to register.  For assistance registering, contact [email protected]


Museums Matter.

How do museums demonstrate their value within their community and within the context of their state and national industry?  What does it mean for a museum to be essential to their community?  What does that “essential” role look like and what value does it bring to the community?   Does every community define “essential” the same way?

Speakers will examine why museums matter - how museums fulfill the many roles expected of them and demonstrate that they are essential to the identity and social and cultural health of their community and state.  They will ask questions - is it enough to be a steward of the objects, archives and built environment that make up the historical identity of a community?  Do we become more essential as we grow to tell a more inclusive historical story and share an evolving understanding of history?  Is it enough to be a trusted resource for information, or do we become more essential as we become a source of instructional resources and true educational partners?

As museums build partnerships within the local community and the broader museum community, should we always consider how the partnership will enhance the essential nature of our museum within the community or are there other reasons to enter into a partnership project? 

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10/3/2021 1:00 PM - 10/5/2021 5:00 PM
Central Daylight Time

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