Iowa Museum Association Rising Star Award

Due Date:  July 15th annually

The Iowa Museum Association Rising Star Award is intended to recognize individuals who have worked or volunteered in the Iowa museum field for 3-5 years and have helped their museum broaden its audience through engagement activities.

Nominees may be employed or volunteer in an Iowa museum of any type.  Nomination must show how nominee’s work has helped their museum broaden its audience, specifically citing engagement activities, how activities were evaluated, and their impact.

Deadline:  Nomination form, supporting documentation, and two letters of support should be submitted electronically to the Iowa Museum Association (e-mail: by July 15th annually.  Nominations will be accepted every year, but the award will not necessarily be given every year.

See pdf for details.

Nomination Form
(Adobe PDF File)

 The first Rising Star Award(s) will be awarded October 7, 2019 during the Annual Meeting of the Iowa Museum Association in Fort Dodge, Iowa.